One of our core values is creativity. As brand advisors, we help businesses all over the world find their unique brand image and create a strategy on improving their daily operations.  

The journey starts with the conversation on what your business represents, how your products and services are unique and of course – who is your audience. Here creativity comes very handy as we know that you do not always have answers and we need to find the ways to get them from you. 

Obviously, our clients are flooded with daily tasks that it is hard to find any time to stop, take a deep breath and think on where the business stands. That is the moment when we come up with workshop sessions, interviews with your team members with one simple goal – to build a brand identity. This method allows us to gather all answers, question certain statements and filter ideas.    

Brand building through creativity 

Let us take a step back and agree on terms. 

Brand building means generating awareness about your business by using various strategies with the main goal of creating a unique and meaningful brand image. In our digital era, leading with brand authenticity is becoming vital. Since we live in the world where everyone is quite skeptical about brands and we rely heavily on reviews, creativity becomes a must in our line of work. 

William Bernbach, an American advertising creative director, once said: “Creativity may well be the last legal unfair advantage we can take over the competition”. We also see creativity not only as a problem-solving method, but rather as a technique that allows us to generate ideas to reach this ‘last legal advantage’.  

So how does it work?

Think about a business that struggles with its brand image. Brand mission is not clear and target audience is not defined. The business owner reaches out to us and we start collecting all data related to the company.  

We gather information on where the business needs to be and what are the obstacles. After the big picture is created, we move towards the basis – aligning on the strengths and weaknesses. Here we share our industry knowledge and our ideas on how to highlight the strengths. We come up with brand values and vision and slowly but surely, the brand identity is starting to form. Some people can call it a magic and we call it a creativity 😊