Women’s rights are human rights. This is the phrase that became a slogan in the 1990s, and transformed into a movement of the 21st century. 

But what does this slogan mean exactly? Shortly, just to grasp the main point; it is the right to live free from violence and discrimination, to be educated, to vote and to earn equal wage. 

There is a long history of addressing women’s human rights and much progress has been made in securing those rights across the world in recent decades. While the world is changing and society continues to develop, we still face certain issues. We hear about new manifestations of discrimination on a regular basis, which proves that the progress is still to be made and something is still not right.

It is important to highlight that it is not about demanding any special treatment, but rather equality.

Frightening facts  

Here are some facts that we found to be particularly interesting.   

According to The World’s Bank recent Women, Business and the Law report measured gender discrimination in 187 countries. Only Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden scored full marks. Most of the countries provide women only three-quarters the rights of men in those measured areas. 

A study also confirms that 33,000 girls become child brides every day before the age of 18. We are talking about 33,000 of girls on a daily basis, or one every two seconds. 

Our values 

Imagine a group of men and women that is working together. They can produce exceptional results and great ideas, as their ways of thinking and points of view make them only stronger. When we accept and appreciate each other, considering our differences, then something remarkable happens.

We believe that raising this topic might help us understand the meaning of equality, mutual respect, and non-discrimination. By eliminating any kind of gender prejudice, we are giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential.

As Sarah Moore Grimké, an American abolitionist wrote (in 1830s), "Consequently I know nothing of man’s rights, or woman’s rights; human rights are all that I recognize". We cannot agree more.